New robot parts

Salvius's outer shell is tattooed with the names of the people and businesses that have helped to make this project possible. If you are interested in becoming an addition then there is several ways you can do so. All donations go toward further developing the robot's design and your contributions make it possible to explore new technologies.

$15: Your name engraved on the robot’s chassis as well as an attribution in the source code.

$25:  A personal thank you video from the robot as well as your name engraved on the robot’s chassis and an attribution in the source code.

$50:  A personalized thank you postcard handwritten and signed by the robot, a thank you video, your name engraved on the robot’s chassis and an attribution in the source code.

$50 or more:  If you are interested in donating any amount over $50 contact me. We will work together to determine an appropriate accommodation. An example might be something such as space on the robot for advertising.
* You may opt-out of compensation for your donation if you request to do so.


If you want to show your support for this project by donating funds I have set up PayPal as an option.


If you are interested in contributing you can head over to GitHub and check out the issue list for what needs to be done. The project could always use contributions and your help is more than appreciated.


I have set up a Bitcoin wallet. Donations can now be accepted using Bitcoin.
You can use the button or simply send them to this address:
Donate Bitcoins


I also have an amazon store under the name of MAGE Industries. If you buy something from me there just let me know that it was in support of this project and I'll add your name to the list.


Social media is a powerful tool, please consider sharing this project with your friends online. While I don't have any rewards for your referrals I may add it as an option in the future. And as always, I'm open to suggestions on what those rewards should be.