Tools & Supplies

Recommended Tools

Soldering iron and solder Being able to solder your own circuits together or take parts from existing circuits gives you a huge advantage when building your robot.
Pliers It's good to have a selection of cutters, crimpers, strippers, etc...
Saws Several types of saws can be used; table saw, chop saw, jigsaw/band saw, etc...
Screwdriver assortment Screwdrivers are a necessity, I prefer a single screwdriver which has many interchangeable bits.
Drill Driver Along with this you will also want to have a drill index and an assortment of hole saws.
Adjustable wrench Either a set of wrenches or an adjustable wrench will work.
Hamer I used a large round peened hammer to shape the metal plate for the robot's face.
Sandpaper Sandpaper is useful for removing sharp edges and burs.
Heat gun This was used to bend the plastic for the robot's clear face plate.